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Esther Horton

Make it Unforgettable: 5 Tips to Make an Outstanding Bridal Party

If your friend asked you to plan her bridal shower, that must be a horror if you have previously experienced some bad things and you don’t want to do it again. However, you are being compromised because it was your best friend who pleaded you to do it. Well, it sounds that you don’t have any choice either so you need to do it. A bridal shower is a must before the wedding event will start.
Many people have misconceptions about bridal party. It is not more of gift giving but rather to draw people closer to each other before the wedding.

Bridal Party

Below are some of the 5 tips to make an outstanding bridal party that you can follow:

1. Getting To Know The Bride’s Taste:

When you are arranging for a bridal shower, it is important to always get to know what the interests of the bride are. When you plan for this event, do not let the bride know because it will only give her more stress. Just tell her that her friends have assembled to give her a special party during the day it will happen. The lesser she knows, the lesser she feels the pressure. Most of all, you need to know the date of the wedding so you can arrange the party beforehand.

2. Budget Allocation:

If there is a party, you need to spend money. In this case, you don’t need to ask money from the couple because they have lots on their mind right now like catering, wedding dress expenses and the list goes on. You can tap your circle of friends to contribute money for the drinks, favors, cakes, and others. Make sure you announce that there will be contribution beforehand so that they will not go to the party just bringing gifts only.

3. Be Aware Of The Gifts:

Before the party, you need to announce to your friends if you have some theme for the gifts. Some gifts may be offensive for the couple so you need to be extra careful and sensitive. Brides are really emotional during this stage so make sure you won’t touch her core that will make her more depressed.

4. Showering Advice:

This is one of the most important parts of the event aside from giving gifts and favors. Some of your friends may give important advice related to married life. There are others who will also give advice about sex life after marriage. All of these details are very important for the bride to make sure you always bring your best advice with you. Make sure that once you are giving advice, it should embody a piece of wisdom into it.

5. Don’t Forget Favors:

The last item among our 5 tips to make an outstanding bridal party is a favor. Favors do not need to be very expensive. It is a very memorable bridal shower if you will give some favors to the people who participated. Small beautiful items with the inscription “thank you” will always do. The guests can take it home as a piece of memory from a once in a lifetime bridal shower.

Bridal showers usually have no rules. You can arrange it the way you want it. Make sure that the venue is comfortable for the bride so that she will surely enjoy. There are so many bridal ideas out there that you could try. Some are traditional and others are really wild. You may take your pick. And oh, do not forget to enjoy.