Bridal Entourage

How to Bring Honor in Your Role as the Maid of Honor of the Bride

Bridal entourage

Maid of Honor’s Wedding Role

It should be considered a great honor for any woman to be invited as the maid of honor for the bride-to-be. The maid of honor plays a huge role as the confidant of the bride-to-be. Her tasks aren’t just limited to keeping the wedding first aid kit of the bride and arranging the bride’s veil and train from time to time. If you are invited by your sister or best friend to be her maid of honor, it means they find you to be responsible as their right-hand woman all throughout the process of wedding planning.

A maid of honor who is prepared to execute her responsibilities according to the bride’s wish is an awesome maid of honor. The duties of a maid of honor may be overwhelming at first, but with proper planning, organizing and with a pleasant attitude towards it, everything will turn out perfectly. To give you ideas on the duties you need to be involved in, here are examples.

Bridal Entourage

Tag along with the bride-to-be to her wedding appointments. Be it wedding dress fitting, shopping for shoes, accessories or cake tasting, accompany her whenever possible. The bride-to-be needs assistance in picking a dress, a color, styles, and designs with the things she needs for the wedding. However, you’re not really needed at all times, so do not insist to tag along if you aren’t asked or invited.

Get the bridesmaids acquainted with one another. If everyone in the bridal party just met for the first time during the wedding day, it will be totally awkward and less fun too. Prior to the big day, the maid of honor is responsible to get every bridesmaid acquainted especially during pre-wedding parties. Delegate different aspects of the wedding tasks to each lady, like one of them can take care of the wedding favors, while the other on the wedding messages of the guests. Through this, the bridesmaids will feel they are involved.

Organize a bachelorette party, a surprise one if possible. Based on tradition, it is the maid of honor’s responsibility to throw a bridal shower for the bride-to-be. She takes care of booking the venue, coordinating the bridesmaids and other lady guests, and preparing fun activities during the party. You and the bridal party must take care of the expenses, food, lodging, and activities, while the bride should focus on creating wonderful memories with all of her lady friends and relatives.