Different Types of Juice Makers

types of juice makers.

Centrifugal Juice Makers

Create delicious drinks in less time than it takes to stop for fast food by using centrifugal juice makers. These juicers use a powerful motor to quickly dice up vegetables and fruits, then quickly wring out every last drop of juice. The result is a tall glass of incredibly healthy juice with little waste. Try a Robot Coupe juice maker, like the C80, to experience the difference between hand squeezing your fruits and veggies and allowing a fast-acting machine to do all the heavy work. This automatic juicer for best result automatically separates seeds, pulp and skin from the juice, so your drinks are smooth and refreshing. If you are trying to eat healthier, consider forgoing the soda, and enjoy a fresh-squeezed glass of juice from your new centrifugal juice maker.


Juice Makers With Pulp Extraction

If you love the idea of having fresh juice every morning, but simply cannot tolerate the pulp, then juice makers with pulp extraction features are the perfect solution. A number of different brands now offer the pulp extraction feature in their regular juicer lines including Elite, Breville and Black & Decker juicers. Getting your juice is still as easy as placing fruit or vegetable in the juicer and pushing a button, but with a pulp extractor, you no longer have to sift the pulp out on your own. Instead, a special insert collects the pulp and allows the juice to run out of the machine and into your glass. For a perfect glass of juice every time, look for juice makers with pulp extraction.


DeLonghi Juice Makers

DeLonghi juice makers are great kitchens tool that can help you live a healthier life. As you probably already know, you have to consume healthy foods to have a healthy body. You probably also know that many healthy foods just do not taste very good. DeLonghi can help you in both areas. Citrus juice makers from DeLonghi give you the power to turn a fruit into the great drink that is healthy and tasty at the same time. By making the juice yourself you do not have to wonder about what other products some company may have included in a so-called “fruit juice”. You are going to know exactly what is in your drink and you are going to have a better life because of it.