Information and Comparisons For Vinyl Blinds.

Vinyl Blinds

We here at Vinyl Blinds are here to help you make an informed decision on what best will fit your homes design and budget. Our site can provide the information you need to study and breakdown the components that go into a new window covering such as vinyl blinds.

Vinyl blinds are less expensive than wooden blinds but offer the same benefits. They filter out bright sunlight and provide you with privacy by blocking the inside view of the home, from the outside world. Years ago, blinds were usually made of metal, with a few luxury brands being crafted of wood. The metal blinds were difficult to clean, and many times the person cleaning them would end up with multiple cuts on their hand from the thin metal slats. Small children also would cut their delicate hands, if they ran their fingers along the metal slats. Metal blinds also would not stand up well in bathrooms or kitchens where they had a tendency to rust.

Vinyl blinds are available as slatted blinds, or vertical blinds, or solid blinds and come in an array of colors that will enhance any decor. Vinyl blinds are durable, easy to clean, and won’t rust. The slats of vinyl blinds are attached by a string so that they can be tilted to either permit light to enter by passing through when they are opened parallel to the windowsill, or tilted flat to block light from the
outside. The device used to turn the slats is usually a plastic rod located at the upper corner of the blinds that is rotated to open or close the blinds. Cords are used to raising the blind completely from the window.

Vinyl Mini blinds are a type of blinds with very narrow slats that are usually used to keep out a greater amount of light. The slates of vertical blinds are hung vertically instead of horizontally. Several types of vertical blinds are available where you can insert strips of wall coverings or fabric into the slats to give the illusion of curtains hanging at your windows. Just as horizontal blinds, vertical blinds keep out light and provide privacy.

Vinyl slat blinds differ from solid blinds, which must be rolled up in order to permit in light. Solid vinyl blinds are a classier alternative of window covering. No matter if you choose vinyl slat blinds, vertical blinds or solid blinds, they are durable, won’t fade, and can be cleaned easily and simply, making them considerably more economical over other window treatments.