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Tricks to Getting the Cheapest Memphis, TN Wedding Catering Service That You Need

Innovative Catering Service.

6 Tricky Ways to Being More Practical for Your Wedding Catering Needs

It is understandable if not everyone does not have a big budget for their wedding. Most of the budget will actually go to the food and drinks as a wedding can also be considered a festive event. Worry no more if how much you are willing to spend is a bit limited as there are actually a lot of tricks on how you can get the cheapest wedding catering.

Trick 1 – Get married during the off-season

Not only you get to save a lot on your catering but also on your other wedding needs if you choose a wedding date which lands on during the off-season. Usually, summer months are when wedding caterers are mostly in demand as many hold events during this period of the year. The higher the demand means the higher their rates to ensure that you get them to provide services to you. Why pay more if you can get their catering service at a more affordable price? Don’t forget to avoid Saturdays too as this is a common day when wedding caterers are also very busy.

Trick 2 – Hire a wedding caterer

If you wish to be more practical when it comes to your wedding catering needs, the best option for you would be to hire a wedding caterer. Don’t ever DIY unless you have a lot of time and manpower to prepare for your wedding foods and drinks. Event caterers now offer wedding packages that already includes a lot of services and rental needs. This will prevent you from hiring multiple suppliers and paying separately. This way, you conveniently get all your needs from one provider only.

Trick 3 – Don’t go for popular ones

The most popular provider of wedding catering in Memphis, TN does not mean that they are the best. Don’t be too overwhelmed by their reputation and popularity. Usually, they are the most expensive ones to hire. Go for a wedding caterer that can answer your needs and specific requirements.

Trick 4 – Choose buffet catering style

Out of all catering styles, a buffet is the most practical one. You can avoid too many leftovers as your guests will be the one to put food on their plates at an amount they can only finish. You also get to bring home the remaining food.

Trick 5 – Have a morning or afternoon wedding

Morning and afternoon catering can definitely save you a lot. Breakfast and afternoon tea are consisting of simple dishes that are savory and hard to resist as well.

Trick 6 – Provide your own rental needs

Why spend on your linens, silverware, and table setting needs if you already have them. Wedding caterers tend to increase their rates due to high-quality rentals. It is either you provide your own or rent from a local event rental company.

Have Something Different for Your Wedding Catering

Innovative Catering Service

One of the most awaited parts of wedding events is the reception. Simply because this is where your guests will have a fill of what you have prepared for your wedding. If you want something different when it comes to your wedding food, here are some things you can do.

Go for exotic food

Have you heard of Caribbean food? How about Indian and Mediterranean cuisine? Grab the opportunity to help your guests have a taste of something new. But be careful when choosing dishes as your guests may be a bit hesitant to new flavors. Design a menu with dishes that are friendly to the palate. To make look luxurious try to garnish it with sparkling things, they will look lovely just like a piece of shinning wedding jewelry.

Put more finger/stick food

You can stay out of traditional by serving finger or stick foods as your appetizers for your wedding party. For certain, your guests will find it easier for your guests to eat. Barbecues, meatballs on a stick, chicken fingers, cheese poppers, and skewered fruits are easy to prepare. Just be sure to prepare lots as many may come back for them.

Have a breakfast or brunch catering

This will actually reduce the costs of your wedding catering. Instead of serving alcohol, your guests will definitely enjoy hot coffee or tea and fresh juices. This will save you from paying more for an open bar. Well, who can say no to waffles and toasts, eggs, and bacon?

Have DIY food stations

Some guests are actually fonder of self-service. It is given that not everyone will like the food you put on their tables. This gives them the chance to choose from many foods and flavor variations for their own meal.

Play on your desserts

To have fun and one of a kind wedding catering, you should think out of the ordinary. By playing on your sweet treats, you can create almost anything. Have cupcakes of different flavors and decorations, flavor dips for fresh fruits, have an ice cream bar where they can choose toppings, and more!