Toilet Seat Buying Guide

Toilet Seat Guide

What Is a Toilet Seat?

You may not even notice, but you use a Toilet Seat several times every day. They are essential to your everyday routine. Good composting toilet seats can set your mind and ease and give your body comfort, while bad ones can be stiff and not enjoyable. Because they are used so often and come in so many different types and styles, don’t you think you owe your body a favor by spending a little extra time trying to find the perfect one for you?

What Toilet Seat is Right for Me?

First, you have to decide whether you need an elongated or round toilet seat. Elongated toilet seats are usually around 18 to 19 inches long. Round toilet seats are around 16 inches long. This measurement is taken from the center of where the hinge holes are, to the front center of the bowl. Normally the distance between the hinge holes is around 5-1/2 inches. Round toilet seats are generally used mostly for residential installations, as they are good for smaller confined spaces. Elongated toilet seats are normally used more in commercial applications as they tend to be more sanitary by providing extra space in the front of the toilet seat. 

The most important factor for whether you get around or elongated toilet seat is your toilet. If you have a round toilet you can only get around the seat, if you have an elongated toilet, you can only get an elongated seat. If you try to get a different toilet seat then your toilet will allow, problems can ensue with the connection and usability.

Types of Toilet Seats

Toilet seats come in a wide variety of styles and materials. The three main types of material used are plastic, wood, and polypropylene. 

Plastic Toilet Seats – Plastic toilet seats come in many different colors and types. Plastic toilet seats are the most widely used toilets seat as they are very durable and usually more cost effective. They also have the added benefit of not giving you splinters as the wood toilet seats can. 

Wood Toilet Seats – Wood toilets are designed to be more study than their plastic brethren. These toilet seats are made from compressed wood and some people find them more comfortable. They also are more easy to paint if you decide you need a different color. 

Polypropylene Toilet Seats – Polypropylene toilet seats are becoming more popular due to the fact that they are sturdier than the regular plastic toilet seat. Also, polypropylene doesn’t soak up water, making it ideal for use as a toilet seat where it is constantly subject to moisture. Polypropylene toilet seats can be easily adding dyes to, allowing it to be available in a large range of colors.

Specialty Toilet Seats

There are also some specialty toilet seats available for more niche markets. Support Arm Toilet Seats work well for elderly customers, customers with physical ailments, or anyone who needs a little help getting off of their toilet seat. There are also Padded Toilet Seats and Heated Toilet Seats. Padded provide extra cushion for customers not normally located on a regular toilet seat, while heated seats are plugged directly into a grounded outlet and provide a warm seat especially good for cold climates.