Wedding Treats

Simple and Affordable Edible Wedding Treats for Your Guests!

Wedding Treats

Make Your Wedding Treats Enjoyable!

If you are looking for wedding treats that you can simply prepare in no time, then it is best to go for those that you can easily buy and pack. You will be surprised to find out that food and drinks can be used as wedding favors too. Here are a few wedding treat ideas that you could add to your list. All About Wedding Hot cocoa with marshmallows – Especially if you are planning to have a wedding during the cold weather, this is something your guests will really appreciate. You can put in a plastic cone and tie it with a ribbon. Don’t forget to add marshmallows as many prefer their chocolate drink with this instead of sugar.


Wedding Treats

A soothing bit of tea and honey – If you want to go English and classy, a bag of tea and a bit of honey is a good treat for them to take home. This is actually the most soothing reward that you can give them after a whole day of festivities.

A small pack of your favorite coffee beans – Don’t forget that there are some who still prefer coffee. For them, you could pack your favorite coffee beans instead. Instant coffee is a no-no! For coffee beans, it is best to put them in a brown paper package with personalized print. This will enable your guests to have a smell of the aromatic treat inside it.

Mini pies for easy to eat dessert – If you are good at baking pies, then you can share it with your guests as well. Create simple but delicious mini pies that you can hand-out to your guests after the reception. Make this a very sweet parting gift. Don’t forget to include a disposable fork for them to enjoy it on their way home.

A kit of s’ mores – Well, who doesn’t love s’ mores? Haves’ mores kit that they can toast after they got home. With just a few biscuits and marshmallows packed as a kit, your guests will have something to look forward to after they got home.

Granola in mason jars – This way, your guests can choose between sweet and savory when it comes to their munchies on their way home. Plus, the real treat here is not just the granola but the mason jar that they can also use once they finish them.

Signature cocktail drink – If you have a signature cocktail or soda pop that you think everyone will enjoy, then this would be a very nice treat to your guests. This is also a refreshing reminder for them on everything that happened on your wedding day.